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The Xbox One features an 8-core CPU, 8GB of system memory, and a 500GB hard drive, Microsoft's Marc Whitten announced today. The console uses a single system-on-a-chip (SoC) using a 40 nanometer process combining the GPU, CPU, memory, and more onto a single chip.

For comparison, the Xbox 360 is powered by an IBM PowerPC tri-core processor running at 3.2 GHz and an ATI Xenos GPU running at 500 MHz. Those two discrete chips were originally built using a 90 nanometer process.

Other Xbox One specs include:

USB 3.0

802.11n wireless with Wi-Fi Direct


HDMI in/out

"A new 500-GB hard drive was designed in-house, likewise a custom-built Blu-ray-capable optical drive. A single 40-nanometer chip contains both the CPU and GPU rather than the two dedicated 90-nm chips needed in the 360," Wired reports. "In fact, a custom SOC (system on a chip) module made by AMD contains the CPU/GPU chip, the memory, the controller logic, the DRAM, and the audio processors, and connects directly to the heat sink via a phase-change interface material

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